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What do You
need to look for?

Good SEO and web design boils down to four main points: time, technical knowledge, design skills, and lastly money. We help you to avoid hidden technical and financial pitfalls that may occur from shady SEO hacks. 

What Can We Offer?

Creative & Consistent Content

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, Content is king. Each post should offer a new and improved outlook on your topic. It should be able to keep you readers interested providing you with lower bounce rates.

Link Building

The most important aspect to SEO is quality link building. We only use white-hat methods to ensure sites are safe from any penalizations in time. It takes skill to build these links and our team has developed these to get you started.

Competitive Analysis

From organic research and traffic analysis to backlink audits and advertising reports, you have to know how your competition is looking. Let us handle the boring stuff.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is not solely about identifying how many searches a particular keyword has — it's also about exploring the many varied ways that people use language to research an idea or topic. Grab every keyword you can.

Beautiful & Effective Designs

It goes without saying that a beautifully designed website can increase user-interaction and retention. Spammy sites reduce trust-factor and can lead to higher bounce rates. Huotop takes pride in the designs we craft.

3-Month Maintenance

SEO services provided are equipped with a minimum 3-month maintenance retainer. This ensures that we are able to effectively provide results.

Starter Build

Setup – $160

Design – $350

Content – $200

Training – $140

No Maintenance**

Business Build

Setup – $160

Design – $450

Content – $250

Training – $140

3-Month Maintenance – $500

Enterprise Build

Setup – $160

Design – $1,350

Content – $300

Training – $140

3-Month Maintenance – $500

Avergae Full SEO Service

Link Building – $1,000

Site Redesign – $350

Content Optimization – $699

Site Audit & Resubmission – $499

3-month Monitoring – $1,200

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR a more affordable rate; we also offer services of a single-page blog site. Consisting of a few unique images, creative content and a free SSL certificate for $550. 

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