Regardless of the time of year, your home can benefit from adding a splash of comfort or warmth. No need to spend a great deal of money doing it!



It goes without saying that we need a sanctuary to come home to. A place we can feel relaxed and like a new person if you will. I know that when I come home, I have a precise place to relax; my home office. I have everything I need in there as the room is broken up into two sections, a place for work and a place to relax. With that being said, it’s hard to know how to make your home feel luxury and cozy while spending the least amount of money. Fortunately, this is where we can come into help you! First, the best way to make your home feel warm and homely is by adding minimal wood accents. This can include: wooden table trays, a wooden coffee table, and wooden furniture. Wood just gives a comfortable aspect to the home, am I right?! 

Next we recommend the throws! Not a football to toss when you kids are home, but throw blankets. They offer an inviting feel and a quick convenience for an on the spur movie night, so put them wherever! The best spots we’ve found for throws are of course in the bedroom, the living room, on the sofa and uniquely in baskets as décor. I, myself, simply love artwork; this includes warm colored prints and special art paintings. One thing I will never short on when it comes to making a room feel comfortable is artwork. 

“When I’m home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space.”

-Stacy Keibler

My wife once upon a time showed me the world of vintage furniture and it changed my home. Not only does it my your home stand out in terms of being a positive change but it gives the sense of time travel. It really levels up mid-century furniture and gives it that cozy feel we’re looking for. If you are able to find one at a decent price, the Cesca chair is perfect for your home office or for a desk, it’s simply charming and alluring! My wife loves a particular piece we were fortunate enough to find recently, a vintage mirror with a gold frame. CANDLES. CANDLES, CANDLES, can you tell how excited I get over these little delicacies. No matter what, I will always have candles in my house. Between the smells, the looks for design and décor, and the essence they provide, puts them top of the list! Over the years, I’ve noticed that it’s best to place longer candles with candle holders in the main living spaces. 


Besides candles and artwork, plants and rugs are amongst the most popular way to make your home feel comfortable and inviting. Natural fiber rugs are some go-to rugs mainly because they get the job done and aren’t that expensive to purchase. I certainly do not disagree with those thoughts but my choice of rugs are shag. Comfort, appealing to the eye and enticing, make for a great pick for any home. Planets offer a great deal of positives in general so why not liven up the area with some of the best ones. Aloe planets have a number of healing properties: soothing cuts and burns are a few. Plus, they look amazing in the right spaces. The Red-Edged Dracaena is a be-a-u-ti-ful plant to bring inside. Be careful because they can potential stand up to 15 feet tall, so not necessarily ideal for some homes. Not only will breathe a little better but you’ll bring a soothing experience to those who come and visit you. To sum it up, always have fresh flowers, they offer a splash of color and freshness, inviting smell and they are cheap. We urge to skip the pre-arranged flowers and make your own bouquets if you can.


Decorating with books is an easy and cheap way to make your home feel complete, whether it be on shelves or on tables. The best practice for finding cheap books is visit your local Goodwill store. Books are no more than $1 and if you look hard enough, you should be able to find some still in good shape. Be sure to hang curtains, they drips luxury and of course gives the room a bigger feels and comfort. REMEMBER TO wash them, dry them and iron them to give the most luxury feel. If you’re unsure where the get the best bang for your buck, you can get some quality curtains for $10 at IKEA and make sure to double up.

The best way to make the living room feel a little more luxury is by hanging your TV. Yes we understand that attempting to mount a television may seem a little difficult if you’re not the most familiar with how to use tools but I am sure there is a strong man/woman in the house that can help. Wall mounts are available on Amazon for under $100.00. If we stress anything, it’s to invest in things you sit on. We realize the temptation to go cheap on the major things but these items are the biggest aspect of making a home cozy. Being that we spend majority of our time there, it’s best to have good quality here. Lastly, use USED accessories. Again, the Goodwill is ideal for thing types of items: vases, bookshelves, table trays. 

Well there you have it, we hope that this little article helped some on the path to making your home cozier.